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You will benefit from the experience only an attorney can provide.

NH Small Business & Business Start-Up Lawyer

Are you ready to demonstrate your independence, prove your metal, and change lifestyles or make more money? Your own business may be just the answer.

Successfully starting up a small business requires scores or hundreds of decisions. Early mistakes can cost you time, money and wasted effort, and sometimes even failure.

An objective, experienced, business savvy lawyer can often be a valuable sounding board. Attorney James Kaklamanos can broadly overlook your business objectives, assist you to identify potential regulatory or licensing issues and offer timely suggestions about which business form best suits your small business start-up, and it is no small issue. A poor choice can potentially risk assets like your home or savings, squander certain tax advantages, or even tax earnings twice.

Shouldn't you consult Attorney James Kaklamanos with your business start-up plan?

Protect your assets and limit personal exposure! We can help with:

  • Incorporations
  • Partnerships
  • Partnership Agreements
  • LLC's (Limited Liability Companies)
  • And selected other documents as your business start-up may require.

    Call our office today at 603-595-0999 to set an appointment.

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